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Hosted ByMatteo Rizzi, Paolo Sironi, Elizabeth Kleinveld, Don Ginsel, Roberto Capodieci, Matthias Kröner, and Francesca Aliverti

The European Edition of Breaking Banks is about everything on European Fintech at large with a special eye on innovation and a zest of inspiring stories along the way, hosted by some of the world’s most well-known hosts and influencers in fintech. Produced in cooperation with FTS

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Episode 4: The FinTech Carbon Footprint

In today’s episode we dive into the evolution of the green finance movement. What does a truly sustainable, green future look like for the banking world and beyond?

Episode 3: InsurTech

Paolo Sironi hosts Matteo Carbone, Founder and Director of IoT Insurance Observatory, a global insurance think tank, talks the Connected Insurance Report and the main differences between EU and...

Episode 2: Corporate Culture and HR/Talent

Chris Colbert and Guido Betz discuss how innovation within financial services might be enabled by technology, but first, it needs the right cultural set up, environment and understanding. Meet...

Episode 1: Welcome to Breaking Banks Europe!

Futurist Brett King, host of the original #BreakingBanks podcast, introduces the all-new #BreakingBanksEurope podcast! Meet the hosts of Breaking Banks Europe: Matteo Rizzi, Paolo Sironi, Meaghan Johnson, Nina Mohanty,...