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Paolo is one of the most respected voices in the FinTech industry globally, providing business expertise and strategic thinking to a network of executives among banks, insurers, startups and investment firms. Celebrated author on quantitative finance, digital transformation and economics theory, he explores the biological underpinnings of financial markets and how to bolster with technology and business innovation the global economy’s immune system in today’s volatile times.

Episode 213: News From The FinTech Front (January 2024)

In this engaging podcast episode hosted by Paolo Sironi, and joined by Bruno Macedo and Natasa Kyprianidou the discussion delved into the dynamic landscape of financial technology. The JPMorgan Chase latest announcement kicked off the conversation by revealing a staggering increase in hacking attempts, reaching 45 million cyber attacks daily, highlighting the evolving sophistication of…

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Episode 178: News from The FinTech Front (May)

Too much to catch up with? No problem, your “News From The FinTech Front” is back – this time unmuting the incredible Sandra Mianda and Monica Millares, hosted by Paolo Sironi.In this episode, we talked about Goldman Sachs spinning off an AI-powered social-business network Louisa. Linda Yaccarino wanting to turn Twitter into a super app?…

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Episode 126 – Breaking Payments: Keys to success in hyper-growth companies

The first Breaking Payments episode is here! PPRO is powering this incredible overview of some of the “Keys to success in hyper-growth companies” – basically how to ensure growth through the voices of some of the most dynamic companies in the industry. How to generate growth for your clients? Which are the operational challenges that…

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Episode 115: Innovation in Capital Markets

Today’s word is “Capital Markets”. Paolo Sironi with two top guests explores the fintech opportunities in corporate finance for companies and investors.Mariem Mahdbi, founder and CEO of Valuecometrics proposes a solution to make ESG analysis on companies to include these metrics in valuation, considering not only backward-looking but also forward-looking data.Rami el Dokany, Secretary General…

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Episode 104: Breaking Carbon – ESG Billion Funds

A new installment of Breaking Carbon is here and this time – it is all about ESG! During this one-hour episode, we forget the acronym and step by step – break down what it actually means to integrate “environmental, social and corporate governance”. The momentum was well chosen with the #COP26 summit in Glasgow, and…

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Episode 78: Breaking Wealth – The Intersection between the Wealth of Families and the Needs of entrepreneurs

BBE brings you the first installment of “Breaking Wealth” with a focus on the particular “Intersection between the Wealth of Families and the Needs of entrepreneurs” led by Paolo Sironi and industry experts Matteo Novelli and Roberto Nicastro! Wealth Management never sounded more insightful featuring the personal journeys and specific touchpoints in each conversation, respectively….

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Special Episode – Platform Innovation from within a Bank 101

If you still think banks cannot innovate in the platform economy, you can’t miss this episode. Paolo Sironi hosts 2 interviews: first with Rajesh Kumar, former Chief GM of State Bank of India and mastermind of YONO (“You Only Need One”) lifestyle and banking app – a digital marketplace and financial superstore. Rajesh kindly shared…

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Episode 62: News From The FinTech Front (January / 2021 Predictions)

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Episode 61: Innovation and Tech Zoom In – Talking Gamification

Welcome to the 62st episode of Breaking Banks Europe – where we are “Talking Gamification” with experts Jasmin Karatas and Philipp Wagner, and with a special participation of Matthias Kröner. This week we are moderated by Paolo Sironi, that personally took an interest on the topic on his literature ( But that does this concept…

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Episode 59: Breaking Carbon – Financial Services & Climate Change

This week, Paolo Sironi inaugurates the first episode of a new series, while opening the new year for our show! BREAKING CARBON will investigate the link between technology and the environment, discussing all positive and negative externalities of exponential technologies, hence the needed responsible role of banking and fintech. We will open this new series…

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Episode 55: Innovation and Tech Zoom In: EdTech

A new week of Breaking Banks Europe, this time with a discussion around the facilitation of knowledge through the usage of technology – commonly known as EdTech. Paolo Sironi leads this 3-part interview with 3 different initiatives that are bringing education to new standards, by using the digital space as a way for new literacy…

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Episode 42: Innovation and Tech Zoom In – Decentralized Finance

DeCentralised Finance or DeFi is a shorthand for peer to peer public blockchain based financial services. While this sector has seen exponential growth from a low base in the last two years, skepticism abounds. On one hand Silicon Valley VCs such as Andressen and Draper have raised 500+ million dollar VC funds for the defi…

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