Social Currency

Hosted ByTyler Seydel and Eric Schurr

Social Currency – powered by Sunrise Banks – is a podcast that introduces you to some of the most innovative changemakers in finance, tech and ESG, and how they are dismantling barriers and reshaping their industries for a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable future.
Here we speak to those at the forefront of positive change through social entrepreneurship to unveil the stories behind the revolution that is propelling us toward a world where everyone has equitable access to opportunities.
Listen as we talk to the changemakers leading the way to a more equitable, environmentally conscious, transparent, and tech-driven banking future.

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Ahead of the Curve: Strategic Foresight with Eric Schurr

Eric Schurr, Chief Strategy Officer, Sunrise Banks and Social Currency Podcast Co-Host As a certified practitioner in strategic foresight, Eric unravels how organizations can solve market opportunity challenges using...