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Hosted ByGreg Palmer

Finovate showcases cutting-edge banking and financial technology through a global conference series featuring short-form demos and insightful expert takeaways. The Finovate Podcast, hosted by Greg Palmer, carries those conversations and ideas forward, with a concise, interview-based format based on Finovate’s signature 7-minute demos. Guests include leading fintech innovators, bankers, analysts, and more sharing their thoughts and predictions on the future of financial technology.

Greg Palmer

Greg Palmer

Greg Palmer is the VP of Strategy and host of Finovate, a fast-paced, demo-first showcase of the latest innovations in financial and banking technology from across the globe. Ten years with Finovate have given Greg a unique, bird’s-eye view of the Fintech industry as it has exploded into prominence, allowing him to watch not only individual innovations as they gain traction, but also the high-level trends that continue to shape the industry. In addition to his work with Finovate, Greg also writes regularly for Banking Technology and

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Tony Ulwick, inventor of the Outcome-Driven Innovation process

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EP 139: Zach Noorani, Foundation Capital

Neobanks — the what, the why, and the what happens next.

EP 138: Leigh Gross, Array

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EP 137: Nate Gibbons, QuickFi

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EP 136: Janice Diner and Steve Frook, Horizn

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EP 134: Ariam Sium, FinGoal

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EP 133: Rob Frohwein, Keep Financial

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