Breaking Chains

Hosted ByAjit Tripathi, Lucas Kiely, Rhys

The Breaking Chains Crypto Podcast tackles the biggest topics shaping the world of crypto. Featuring insights, analysis and recaps from the biggest crypto events, learn more from our experts and get up to speed with the world of Web3. This podcast is brought to you by Yield App, your digital wealth partner.

Ajit Tripathi


Ajit is a strategic advisor at Polygon Labs. His career has been devoted to building bridges between financial institutions and the crypto/internet of value ecosystem. This includes launching Aave Arc, the first permissioned DeFi protocol for institutions, building payments rails for Binance and Paxful, advising crypto startups, driving the buildout of the fintech practice for ConsenSys and the UK blockchain business for PwC.

Lucas Kiely


Lucas Kiely is Chief Investment Officer of Yield App, and is responsible for overall investment portfolio allocations, as well as building out a more diversified investment product offering.

Lucas was formerly CIO at Diginex Asset Management. He has a strong background in traditional asset management, having worked as a senior trader and managing director at Credit Suisse in Hong Kong where he was responsible for QIS and Structured Derivatives trading, as well as head of exotic derivatives at UBS in Australia. 



Rhys is Head of Web3 at Yield App, and has a rich background in predictive analytics. With nearly ten years of experience in Web3, he’s passionate about sharing his deep understanding of blockchain technology, whether that’s as an early stage venture investor, or a strategic advisor for the projects that he’s most excited about. Throughout Rhys’ Web3 career, he has remained focused on modeling risk in DeFi, and currently manages a DeFi fund that peaked at $250m+ in AUM in 2021.


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