Ajit Tripathi

Episode 60: The Invisible Layer of Embedded Finance

The buzzword is out and “Embedded Finance” came to influence how consumers/enterprises interact with goods and services, through these seamless processes, that perform in this so-called “invisible layer”. Ajit Tripathi takes the mic and starts to unravel it (in this first installment of the podcast on the topic) – by giving visibility to the concept…

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Episode 47: Innovation and Tech Zoom In – AI & Cybersecurity

Ajit Tripathi, our resident expert on all technology matters – rounds up two industry experts for a Zoom In focusing on “AI & Cybersecurity”. A discussion on the latest in this space, calling out the hackers, automated systems, and security measures but also bringing the technical and legal aspects, with a reflection and projection onto…

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Episode 29: Innovation and Tech Zoom In Series: FinTech & Cybersecurity

Published statistics show that cybercrime is more profitable than the global illegal drug trade. There is a hacker attack every 39 seconds, Hackers steal 75 customer records every second and 66% of businesses attacked by hackers are not confident they can recover. In the meantime, Software is eating the world and fintech is driving financial…

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Episode 20: Innovation and Tech Zoom In: Central Bank Digital Currency

In this episode, we host Todd McDonald, head of product at R3, the enterprise blockchain company that recently won the next phase of the Swedish Central Bank e-króna project and Makoto Takemiya, whose Soramitsu partnered with the central bank of Cambodia to build a retail CBDC. We are also joined by Lynn McConnell, an ex…

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Episode 12: Crypto banking: Regulated banking comes to the wild west of crypto

Crypto banking, (i.e. providing retail and corporate banking services in Cryptocurrency rather than fiat currencies) is a European phenomenon that started in Switzerland and is rapidly catching up in Germany, France, various European countries and even Singapore. In this episode, we explore technology, business and regulatory challenges in detail with Sygnum and Solaris who are…

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Episode 6: European Blockchain in FinTech

In this episode Ajit and Matteo are joined by four of the best known power women in blockchain who explain why they think the Crypto winter is over, how blockchain is starting to produce business outcomes in financial services, why Europe is ahead, not behind in blockchain technology – and the journey ahead for European…

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