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Ajit is the founder of Asango, a London Based global fintech consultancy that provides advisory services to fintech companies using Machine Learning and Blockchain Technology to deliver superior user experiences in financial services. Ajit is also the blockchain and cryptocurrency correspondent for Breaking Banks Podcast, the number 1 fintech podcast in the world. Prior to this, Ajit was the global Fintech leader with ConsenSys in the London Office and a director in Fintech and Digital Banking at PwC where he co-founded the blockchain practice. Ajit is a well regarded influencer, thinker, blogger and doer in the fintech and blockchain space. In 2017, he was recognised by coindesk as one of the key influencers at large enterprises and served on the Bank of England’s fintech advisory community. He has spoken at prominent fintech and blockchain conferences in the US, UK, Dubai, India, Japan and Hong Kong including Consenus, Money2020 Europe, Finsum Tokyo, Fintech Week and others. He’s been featured in the Breaking Banks, Blockchain Insider and Fintech insider podcasts, contributed to annual coindesk retrospective as well as quoted in the Financial Times, the BBC and a range of other publications. Ajit has served as a mentor at Startup Bootcamp and is currently advising a small number of selected stealth stage startups in fintech and blockchain. Ajit’s previous blockchain engagements include high profile financial services clients such as Bank of England, Nasdaq, Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Boers and MUFG and he’s been instrumental in advising regulators, board level executives and innovation labs across the world in the strategic implications of cryptocurrency, decentralised, peer to peer architectures. Ajit has a rich and varied background in risk and regulatory change program implementation, capital markets technology, distributed systems and telecom protocol engineering. Prior to PwC he served in technology management and innovation roles at Goldman Sachs, Barclays, GE-GXS and Bell Communications Research. Ajit has an MBA from IMD and a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. He is also a CFA charter holder and holds a GARP financial risk manager certification.

Episode 142: GameFi 101

Are you all about GameFi? Not yet – no worries, we prepared an episode to get you on this, exploring what the concept means, its main applications and implications. These complex new blockchain-based games are currently enabling users to gain real-world financial benefits and even making it … FUN? Get on board of this discussion…

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Episode 129: Breaking Payments: Open Banking Evolution

Look out! Plaid is back in taking the wheel once again, but this time for our newest series of Breaking Payments – to discuss “The Open Banking Evolution”, led by Ajit Tripathi. We were lucky to figure out the perspectives of Liam Gray (Plaid) and Elena Alicea (Gemini) for a lively conversation on the current…

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Episode 120: The New Directions of DeFi

The number of startups in the DeFi scenario is growing and that’s why we decided to explore the new directions this sector can take as Ajit Tripathi did in this episode with two other DeFi experts.– Hart Lambur, co-founder at UMA, explained his view of this change in paradigm recalling the history of financial services…

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Episode 108: Breaking Chains: Crypto Staking 101

Let’s talk about Crypto Staking! – the process through which you earn income with your crypto by contributing to the Proof of Stake (PoS) network of a particular asset. When you stake your crypto, you make the underlying blockchain of that asset more secure and more efficient. And in exchange, you get rewarded with more…

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WebSummit Take Over: Meet The Cryptopreneurs – Nxchange

The WebSummit was a few weeks ago and as the true new crypto hub of the world, Portugal showcased its potential by hosting some of the most impressive cryptopreneurs on-site at the Altice Arena in Lisbon! is a great example of this migration of tech talent to the country, as the platform is now…

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WebSummit Take Over: Meet The Cryptopreneurs – Boson Protocol

The WebSummit was just last week and as the true new crypto hub of the world, Lisbon showcased its potential by hosting some of the most impressive cryptopreneurs on-site at the Altice Arena! After holding a masterclass at the event, Boson Protocol unmuted the microphone (and camera) and joined an episode of Breaking Banks Europe…

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Episode 90: Breaking Chains: The Rise of Crypto Exchanges

Your “Breaking Chains” series is back with a new topic that has certainly crossed your path in the latest years, and that is rapidly accelerating for the financial services industry – and so today our expert Ajit Tripathi leads “The Rise of Crypto Exchanges”, and brings three companies building this landscape themselves – Gabriele Sabbatini…

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Episode 81: Breaking Chains: Non-Fungible Tokens 101

We know #NFT is the acronym of the moment, and Ajit Tripathi took on the mission of gathering industry experts Roberto Capodieci, Amelia Tomasicchio and Donna Redel to explain to us all, the meaning and implications of this technology. More on our guests:Roberto CapodieciDecBC, CEO Amelia TomasicchioCo-Founder and Editor in Chief, The Cryptonomist Donna RedelAngel…

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Episode 80: News from The FinTech Front (May)

Your bimonthly instalmment of “News From The FinTech Front” is here for its May Edition, and this time Ajit Tripathi takes the lead, removes all filters and hosts this energetic trio to discuss all the buzzwords and trending news together with Iana Dimitrova (OpenPayd) and Ronit Ghose (Citi)! More on our guests:Iana Dimitrova – Chief…

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Episode 69: The Insivible Layer of Embedded Finance 2

Embedded Finance is back on Breaking Banks Europe, with the incredible projects from diverse corners of the spectrum of this new incredible phenomena that this invisible layer brings to financial services. Ajit Tripathi takes the lead for this second installment and invites Tinashe Ruzane (FlexClub) and Sarel Tal (Rapyd) into the conversation. More on the…

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Episode 63: FinTech Journeys Around The World – India

You voted and we delivered! Social Media most voted country for a zoom-in was India and is this week’s location for our “FinTech Journeys Across The World”. This superpower shines on the Breaking Banks Europe with no other than our host Ajit Tripathi, bringing him two local experts: Lizzie Chapman (ZestMoney) and Amit Goel (MEDICI…

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Episode 60: The Invisible Layer of Embedded Finance

The buzzword is out and “Embedded Finance” came to influence how consumers/enterprises interact with goods and services, through these seamless processes, that perform in this so-called “invisible layer”. Ajit Tripathi takes the mic and starts to unravel it (in this first installment of the podcast on the topic) – by giving visibility to the concept…

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