WebSummit Take Over: Meet The Cryptopreneurs – Nxchange

The WebSummit was a few weeks ago and as the true new crypto hub of the world, Portugal showcased its potential by hosting some of the most impressive cryptopreneurs on-site at the Altice Arena in Lisbon! n.exchange is a great example of this migration of tech talent to the country, as the platform is now opening a new office in Braga – in the north of the country, and is ready to leverage the crypto wave potential from there, through more literacy and more employment to the region. Our guest – Oleg Belousov is from London, but for six months he chose Lisbon to live, and today he joined an episode of Breaking Banks Europe – hosted by non-other than Ajit Tripathi, resident expert in the field for the show.

Meet the guest:
Oleg Belousov – Founder n.exchange
Connect: https://www.linkedin.com/in/beoleg/
More on n.exchange: https://n.exchange/