Episode 1: Meet Breaking Chains Crypto

Meet Breaking Chains Crypto, a new podcast hosted by Yield App. In this first episode with Rhys and Lucas Kiely, Yield App’s Head of Web3 and CIO, along with Ajit Tripathi, strategic advisor at Polygon Labs, they discuss the current landscape and share reasons why they think the battle of the L2s is only just starting, how Chat GPT – while incredibly useful – has striking similarities to a Big 4 consultant, and why South Korea has shown evidence that it is fertile ground for producing some notable degens.

About the Author
Lucas Kiely is Chief Investment Officer of Yield App, and is responsible for overall investment portfolio allocations, as well as building out a more diversified investment product offering. Lucas was formerly CIO at Diginex Asset Management. He has a strong background in traditional asset management, having worked as a senior trader and managing director at Credit Suisse in Hong Kong where he was responsible for QIS and Structured Derivatives trading, as well as head of exotic derivatives at UBS in Australia.