Episode 30: Innovation and Tech Zoom In – When Theology meets Technology

“When Theology meets Technology”

BBE hosts two inspiring conversations about the essence of technology, the condition of human beings and the need of ethics to guide their interaction towards inclusive progress for humanity on a planet made of limited resources.

By the way, did you know that the first bank in the world was created by a franciscan named Barnabas of Terni?

We learnt from our first guest Father Paolo Benanti, professor of ethics at Pontifical Gregorian University and author of “Homo Faber”.

Our second guest, Clara Durodie, shared some extracts of her recent book “Decoding AI in Financial Services” and added her theology-led expectation about top management formal education in banking.

IBM FinTech Strategy and Author
About the Author
Paolo is one of the most respected voices in the FinTech industry globally, providing business expertise and strategic thinking to a network of executives among banks, insurers, startups and investment firms. Celebrated author on quantitative finance, digital transformation and economics theory, he explores the biological underpinnings of financial markets and how to bolster with technology and business innovation the global economy’s immune system in today’s volatile times.