Matthias Kroener

Episode 71: News from The FinTech Front (March)

This week, join us for one more installment of “News from The FinTech Front” hosted by Matthias Kröner – leading Diana Biggs (Valour) and Gerd Weissenboeck (Zelig Associates) for a conversation from the latest enterprise valuations to future mega-trends in the fintech space! An unmissable episode available on all #BBE channels. More on our guests:Diana…

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Episode 67: Breaking Impact: Senior Consumers & e-inclusion

The focus of Episode 67 is on Senior Citizens and eInclusion – a topic that is not only essential for every auditor as an aging individual but a super relevant conversation to caregivers and family members that want to support their senior network (such as family, friends and colleagues) to exponentially harnessing digital tools and…

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Episode 28: Ecosystem Zoom In (4) – Germany

We landed in the European giant, to have a conversation about the German ecosystem and market when it comes to fintech, financial services, and insuretech. The first guest is Christian Kirchner is the author, a well-known newsletter that covers the ups and lows of the sector every week. Later, we are joined by Dr.Robin Kiera…

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Episode 23: Innovation and Tech Zoom In: Platform Economy

Platform economy sounds like an imperious new buzzword, but simply put is an opportunity for non financial players to build new services cross leveraging their distribution channels, their customer base and open banking. Join this discussion with Balazs Barna (Transferwise) and Paolo Zaccardi (Fabrick), hosted by Matthias Kroener and Matteo Rizzi.

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Episode 8: SME Challengers

SME businesses are “under-banked” in Europe. Why do incumbent banks find it so hard to bank with SMEs? What are the risks? The under-banked status of European SMEs creates niches of opportunities in the market. What are they? What are the opportunities?Join us as our three formidable hosts share their views from an SME challenger…

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Episode 2: Corporate Culture and HR/Talent

Chris Colbert and Guido Betz discuss how innovation within financial services might be enabled by technology, but first, it needs the right cultural set up, environment and understanding. Meet the hosts of Breaking Banks Europe: Matteo Rizzi, Paolo Sironi, Meaghan Johnson, Nina Mohanty, Ajit Tripathi, Matthias Kroener, and Spiros Margaris, as they discuss what sets…

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