Episode 144: Metaverse Deep Dive – Decoding the Buzzword

Hold on a minute! Metaverse? What is it? What ISN’T? One or multiple?
The high level of interest and curiosity by users and corporations is rising – no doubt, but let us create some understanding of what exactly the metaverse is. As Dr.Martha Boeckenfeld mentions, if you put several experts together to answer these questions, you will likely have multiple definitions, but let us give it a try! Matthias Kroener is hosting two incredible guests to discuss the topic. Welcome Matthew Gardiner and Dr.Martha Boekenfeld to the show, and enjoy this hour-long discussion while we decode the buzzword together.

Useful resources mentioned in the podcast:
– Wilderworld: https://www.wilderworld.com/
– Futureverse Whitepaper: https://www.futureverse.com/whitepaper
– JPM piece – Opportunities in the Metaverse: https://bit.ly/3LvYPVC
– Understanding the Metaverse conversation: https://bit.ly/3R5I8S4
– Blockworks timeline on banks entering the metaverse: https://bit.ly/3SzSGKn

More on our guests: 

Matthew Gardiner – Founder @ A1 AI
Connect: linkedin.com/in/web4
Follow: twitter.com/matwg
Website: aa1.ai

Dr. Martha Boeckenfeld – Dean and Partner @ Metaverse Academy
Connect: linkedin.com/in/dr-martha-boeckenfeld/
Website: metaverse-academy.ch

Matthias Kroener: Founder @ Tradelite
Connect: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthias-kr%C3%B6ner-602bb512/
Website: matthias-kroener.com/

Founder & Managing Director at Tradelite Solutions
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Matthias 'mk' Kroener has been bringing his visionary brand of thinking to financial services for 25 years. Over this time he has acquired vast insight into corporate strategy, innovation-leadership and M&A during a period of fundamental transformation in the banking industry. His extensive practical knowledge of the regulatory environment combined with a deep understanding of technological trends such as big data, AI, blockchain, open banking and financial inclusion has enabled Matthias to build bridges between the traditional banking world and FinTech-powered digital banking platforms. Matthias' entrepreneurial style was the driving force behind two highly disruptive financial service companies. As Founder and CEO of Fidor Bank and DAB Bank, he built both organisations from scratch, forging his reputation as a key figure in the FinTech movement. The Fidor project began in 2007 - long before the FinTech boom started - and positioned Fidor at the forefront of global FinTech development, becoming known as the "oldest FinTech bank in the world". Under his leadership, DAB Bank and Fidor Bank won numerous awards: Best Banking Innovation in San Francisco in 2013; the Celent Model-Bank-of-the-Year award in 2015 and 2019; and WEF´s Award for young companies in 2015 to name but a few. DAB Bank underwent a highly successful IPO in 1999 at a top valuation of €1.5 billion. Fidor Bank was sold to a major French banking group in one of the very first successful major trade-sale acquisitions within the FinTech industry in 2016. After beginning his career in the hospitality business, Matthias brought his expertise in customer-centric experiences to the world of financial services. The core of his philosophy centred on how financial services organisations can use technology to effectively engage their retail and SME customers with innovative, value-adding business and service models. Matthias was at the helm as Fidor pioneered one of the world's first Banking-as-a-Service offerings, enabling start-ups to achieve scale and become part of the digital ecosystem. Building a bridge from innovation to regulation, he brokered the first cooperation between a regulated bank and cryptocurrency trading platforms. As well as this, Fidor enabled non-banks to offer full banking services for the first time in a collaboration with Telefonica in 2016. Since standing down as CEO of Fidor in March 2019, Matthias has sharpened his focus on how technology can be used to build bridges between financial services and impactful projects that help to make the world a better place. Concepts such as green finance and financial inclusion have the potential to positively affect the lives of millions of people, and his mission is to democratise access to banking and self-determined finance management, using digital financial services to create meaningful, sustainable change. Matthias acts as an advisor to regulators and central banks. He is a member of the international technology advisory panel (ITAP) of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). His geographical expertise covers Europe, Asia, the Americas and the Middle East, and he is recognised as a thought leader, a multi-award-winning inspirational keynote speaker and blogger. He is a senior advisor to several companies, as well as a successful incubator; he is also an investor in several highly innovative start-up companies through his company Professional Development GmbH.