Special Episode – Breaking Leaders: Elliott Limb & Matthias Kröner

“Let’s Talk Openly” – this is the motto for this Special Episode, where we pick up our Breaking Leaders format and invite Elliott Limb of Mambu, that is currently behind the “Disruption Diaries” – a research series that originated this report on Open Banking and Open Finance – with none other than Matthias Kröner, widely known as a pioneer in the field with his own endeavors.
Link to the report download:

Meet the Leader:
Elliott Limb, Chief Customer Officer at Mambu
With over 20 years in banking and fintech, Elliott has been named one of the most influential people in fintech. At Mambu, Elliott is focused on a customer-centric approach to doing business, growing revenue, and helping banks build flexible and scalable solutions.About Mambu:
Mambu launched in 2011 with the aim to enable better access to modern financial services for all. A banking and financial services platform that is SaaS, cloud-native and API-first, Mambu’s unique composable approach allows for the flexible assembly of independent components and systems to fit the exact needs of your business and customers. The Mambu team of over 500 is spread across the globe and supports over 180 customers in 65 countries.