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Nina Mohanty is the founder and CEO of Bloom Money, an app that provides migrants with familiar financial services. Before leaving to found Bloom Money, Nina worked with the magnificent team at Klarna making payments smoooth and reimagining a better way to pay. Prior to Klarna, Nina worked at London-based Open Banking start up, Bud, to build out a financial marketplace and rethink the way we interact with financial services. She has been a steadfast believer in delivering technology that can better customer’s financial lives and financial literacy since her days at Starling Bank and Mastercard. She is a three time winner of the Innovate Finance Women in FinTech PowerList Rising Star Award and a recipient of the TechWomen 100 award. Nina is a fiercely passionate feminist and vocal advocate of diversity (of all kinds) in the workplace.

Episode 116: Breaking Carbon – Green Credit 101

Green transition is one of the hot topics today. Nina Mohanty with two top guests explores the fintech opportunities to make the carbon offset trade market work.Mathias Wikström, CEO of Doconomy presents his solution that allows calculating the carbon impact of every transaction. Calculating emission is the first step and without it is not possible…

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Episode 112: Niche Banking

This week, #NicheBanking is the topic of choice – led by Nina Mohanty and Meaghan Johnson! Rik Coeckelbergs (The Banking Scene) explains the concept of niche banking and how he had the freedom to create his own personal vision on future banking, which is the main driver for The Banking Scene. After the break, who…

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Episode 109: Breaking Impact – Building Regulation Friendly FinTech in Emerging Markets

This episode is about the spreading of Fintech regulation, which instruments are in order, which sectors are the most targeted, what is the best theory/practice combination, sandboxes (are they still a thing?), does meeting markets regulation need to have a special spin/focus, and what are the approaches we know of that did/did not work. Two…

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Episode 102: The Debt Collection Process

Let’s take walk on the memory lane of debt, revisiting how it all got shaped into the current cutting edge strategies – to not only collect but also reinvent solutions for customers, their personal backgrounds and social contexts. Debt Collection – as mentioned in the episode, is no longer this rudimentary “man in a trenchcoat…

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Episode 92: Breaking Impact: Migrant-Led Financial Services

How do you define a community-led approach to helping recent migrants? What are the needs and context of each specific migrant and destination? What level of preparation, financial security and conditions does one have in order to be prepared? Nina Mohanty is no stranger to these important issues – being the founder of Bloom herself,…

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Episode 84: Ecosystem Zoom In – The Swedish Case

Time for our first trip to the Nordics, this time with the great Nina Mohanty, that took the task to hosts us around the Swedish ecosystem, well accompanied by local experts Anna Blyablina (Stockholm FinTech Week, Mambu), Mikael Hussain (Anyfin, Ex.Klarna) and Tanya Jull Kjær (Tink) that took the stage a few hours after the…

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Episode 70: Women’s Economic Empowerment TechSprint & Conference

Nina Mohanty is a “visionary”. Specifically speaking, she is one at the upcoming “Women’s Economic Empowerment TechSprint & Conference”, which she now showcases in our podcast, providing awareness to our audience on this great initiative brought by the Alliance for Innovative Regulation (AIR) in partnership with the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). We invited Francesca…

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Episode 66: CTO for Dummies

Welcome to FinTech Apps 101 – your go-to guide to all things on practical fintech applications “how-to’s”. We start this new installment by talking about CFOs! For this, we enrolled the participation of two industry leaders and Chief Financial Officers themselves – Eric Schmit (Moven) and Rajesh Jayaraman (Ellevest), led by our host Nina Mohanty….

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Episode 54: News from The FinTech Front (November)

November has come to its end and with it, we air a new installment of your “News from The FinTech Front” – this time led by Nina Mohanty, who curated the feeds and headlines of the financial services ecosystem to bring us four topics to be discussed by our impressive panel of experts in this…

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Episode 52: Where Does The Money Go? Islamic Fintech in Europe

“Where Does The Money Go?” is led by Nina Mohanty and Ajit Tripathi in the extremely pertinent topic of Islamic FinTech – and brilliantly explained to our listeners by Akmal Saleem (Rizq) and Zeeshan Uppal (Yielders). Important to mention that there are currently 1.8 billion muslins in the world – although our participants take us…

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Episode 48: “Let’s talk about Impact, Equal Opportunity and Empowerment”

In our second installment of Breaking Impact – Gender & Empowerment, Matteo and Nina go off mute with returning guests Dr. Leyla Hussein, Soulaima Gourani, and new guest Martha Mghendi-Fisher. The group dives off-script into a discussion on raising funds as a female founder, and during lockdown as well as the double-edged sword of well-intentioned…

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Episode 40: Breaking Impact – AgriTech

The Big 40 brings you one of the most essencial topics to date on the #BBE podcast: how emerging technologies are improving processes towards the production of crops and food, in a vertical known as AgriTech. But what are the key differences between AgriTech and FoodTech? What are its main challenges for its entrepreneurs and…

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