Episode 54: News from The FinTech Front (November)

November has come to its end and with it, we air a new installment of your “News from The FinTech Front” – this time led by Nina Mohanty, who curated the feeds and headlines of the financial services ecosystem to bring us four topics to be discussed by our impressive panel of experts in this episode. Dr.Leda Glyptis (announcing her new job position live from the show – as the Chief Client Officer of 10x Future Technologies), Nasir Zubairi (CEO of The LHoFT Foundation), and Dr.Ruth Wandhöfer (Global FinTech 50 Influencer and Partner at Gauss Ventures). Plenty about good old Brexit, Open Banking developments, CBDCs controversies, and some great news for the fintech community to wrap up the discussion.

More on our guests:
Nasir Zubairi
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Dr.Leda Glyptis

Dr.Ruth Wandhöfer