Episode 52: Where Does The Money Go? Islamic Fintech in Europe

“Where Does The Money Go?” is led by Nina Mohanty and Ajit Tripathi in the extremely pertinent topic of Islamic FinTech – and brilliantly explained to our listeners by Akmal Saleem (Rizq) and Zeeshan Uppal (Yielders). Important to mention that there are currently 1.8 billion muslins in the world – although our participants take us on a more broad understanding this specific theme as further beyond this particular demographic. What does the term “Islamic fintech” imply? When exactly is a financial product Sharia-compliant? What is the difference between being “Sharia-compliant” and “Sharia-based”? What are the current struggles of consumers towards financial products and Islamic banking? Follow this comprehensive episode in understanding Islamic FinTech in Europe.Find more about our guests:
Akmal Saleem – https://www.linkedin.com/in/akmalsaleem/
Rizq: https://getrizq.co/Zeeshan Uppal –
Yielders: https://www.yielders.co.uk/

CEO, Bloom Money
About the Author
Nina Mohanty is the founder and CEO of Bloom Money, an app that provides migrants with familiar financial services. Before leaving to found Bloom Money, Nina worked with the magnificent team at Klarna making payments smoooth and reimagining a better way to pay. Prior to Klarna, Nina worked at London-based Open Banking start up, Bud, to build out a financial marketplace and rethink the way we interact with financial services. She has been a steadfast believer in delivering technology that can better customer’s financial lives and financial literacy since her days at Starling Bank and Mastercard. She is a three time winner of the Innovate Finance Women in FinTech PowerList Rising Star Award and a recipient of the TechWomen 100 award. Nina is a fiercely passionate feminist and vocal advocate of diversity (of all kinds) in the workplace.