Breaking Banks

Not Your Father’s Banking Habits

In this week’s Episode Brett is joined by some of the top research analysts in the field of commercial banking include Rom Shevlin from Aite Group, Kevin Travis a Managing Director of Novantas and Jerry Canning is the Industry Director, Financial Services for Google. Analysis is showing that there are some fundamental shifts in consumer…

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How The Crowd Is Changing Brand Advocacy In Banking

Social networking and platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumbler are changing the way we share and interact. Unlike traditional broadcast channels, these new channels encourage participation, feedback and dialog, but in an environment steeped in traditional processes that discourage transparency banks are sometimes finding the shift towards a more socially engaged brand a…

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Banks That Build Their Brand Without Branches

Most banks rely on their branch infrastructure for the vast majority of revenue and customer acquisition today. From the basic requirement many banks have for in-person, face-to-face identification and the legacy signature card, for many banks this is a very hard habit to break. But there are already many banks who’ve not only cracked this…

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The Era Of Faster, Smarter Payments

From the check you used to get on your birthday from your Grandma, to your regular monthly salary payment, through to the mortgage or rent payments you make each month – much of the utility we enjoy in banking revolves around payment capabilities. Whether it is card payments at a store, bank to bank payments,…

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A New Take On Credit And Lending

Remember the last time that you went to your bank branch for advice on lending and investment? Most people don’t. Branches simply can’t compete with digital services that have proven to provide more information in a more timely manner providing a process with less friction between the consumer and what they need, whether it is…

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Episode 1: Digital Currency And The Bumpy Road To Legitimacy

Bitcoin just keeps making the news. Germany recognized it as a legitimate taxable currency just a month ago, and then the site Silk Road, that trafficked drugs and black market items, and accepted Bitcoin as a currency was shuttered by the FBI. However, with the use of mobile increasing and people’s need to move money…

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