Money Anxiety

With the serious ups and downs of the economy in recent years, consumers have reacted with understandable concern for the security of their economic circumstances. The recession caused many to rethink their priorities, tighten their belts and save. As consumers feel more safe about their financial futures, they begin to spend more. Predicting consumer behaviors helps financial institutions to understand the products and services that are in demand, protecting financial institutions from the volatility of the feast or famine cycle. On this episode of Breaking Banks, Brett will talk with Dr. Dan Geller, who developed Behaviorology to define the different behaviors of consumers depending on their level of financial anxiety. They will be discussing his new book MONEY ANXIETY( provides financial business with a model projecting the demands for their products, and what to look for to buffer themselves against possible downturns. Also joining the show is the NY Moneycoach, Carrie Birgbauer, to discuss how anxieties about money change emotional behaviors and how that can be re-channeled into a healthier relationship with money.