Tech Tools To Assist In Making Life’s Big Purchases!

The traditional signs of prosperity are a college education and buying a home. Nothing says solid citizen with good finances like making those two investments. But mortgages are scarier now, and it isn’t always clear how much you actually are told you can afford and what you should invest given your circumstances. It is particularly difficult when it comes to long term expenditures so substantial and intimidating as education loans and a mortgage. And the advisers who can help make those decisions can be costly and out of the middle or lower income range. Today, Brett is talking to two innovators that are making those tools available to everyone via the web. Michael Carvin started Smart Assets to provide a useful tool to those making big financial decisions. AJ Smith is a financial blogger who helps promote tools that are used to make major purchases, like homes and college financing. And Mark Kantrowitz is a longtime advocate of the internet to increase people’s understanding of the financial aid system and finding scholarships to help students realize their hopes with his Edvisors and Finaid sites. Tune in today to find out more about these tools! Also, check out the housing info-graphic that AJ Smith and Smart Assets created to provide guidance on which housing choices will actually be best for your financial health!