Fintech -Earning Consumer’s Attentions

Today’s empowered consumers represent an interesting paradox. On one hand, there has never been more ways to reach them. On the other hand, it’s never been harder to truly engage these highly mobile, socially connected, financially astute consumers. According to just released research, the consumption of content on mobile devices is now exceeding online channels, with consumers usually multitasking with either their smartphone or tablet while doing other activities. How can we possibly get their attention in such an environment? Join Brett King as he welcomes Andy Lark,Chief Marketing & Online Officer at Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and Jim Marous, financial services industry advisor and publisher of the Retail Banking Strategies section of The Financial Brand as they discuss how to break through the clutter and get the attention of today’s digital consumer. They will share strategies used by banks globally including new mobile applications, new marketing strategies and how social media can be leveraged to engage a consumer. They will also share some ways big data can be leveraged to deliver highly personalized short-form videos directly to customers that can educate, engage and sell. Don’t miss this fast-paced show that will get your attention about how to get your customer’s attention!