Breaking Banks Asia

Breaking Banks Asia gets the inside look at the incredible innovation and technological changes that are setting the standard for the rest of the world.   Led by host Simon Spencer, we talk to the people in across the Asia Pacific region about how their ideas came together, what innovations they are bringing fintech, and the shifts in customer behavior that are forecasting what will happen in the rest of the world.

Fintech, Millennials and Telecom, what to expect in 2018

Few people in the Australian market have the breadth of Telecom and Financial services experience as Rocky Scopelliti, who has spent much of his career looking deeply at the intersection between financial services and the telecom industries. Of particular interest to Rocky has been the rise of the Millennial customer: who are they, how they…

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The Melbourne Fintech Hub

The Victorian government has established not one, but two FinTech Hubs to help support establishment of the next wave of successful FinTech Ventures. This week I speak with Alan Tsen, Victorian GM of Stone and Chalk who have been chartered by the Victorian Government to launch one of the two Victorian FinTech Hubs We discuss…

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Asher Tan – Bitcoin from the Beginning

When Asher Tan became interested in bitcoin, the best way to be involved was to start a company based on bitcoin. So he did. He began Coinjar in 2013. Now 5 years later, bitcoin is on every tongue in the cultural and economic landscape. Lately, with prices shooting through the roof and then falling again,…

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Dilan Rajasingham- Builder of the Mesh Economy

As head of emerging technologies at Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Dilan Rajasingham is building a mesh economy.     A mesh economy is about the convergence of new technologies;  Artificial Intelligence will interact with the Internet of Things, and we will have an economy where the convergence of technologies will be machines talking to machines…

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George Lawson: Alipay and Ant Financial

George Lawson’s role at Ant Financial is to grow Alipay’s ability to pay for goods and services in Australia.   Alipay, for those that don’t know, is a lifestyle app with 520 million subscribers.  That’s right-  520 million.  In China, it is almost difficult to get around without the app.  It is so ingrained as…

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Alt believes banking needs a reboot

Dominic (Dom) Pym and Anson Parker set out to reboot banking.   Actually, to hear them tell it, they are not in banking-  they are a tech company.  They shun the name Neo-bank.  But, as they were looking to build a new company, they were working with banks and realized that banks needed a reboot….

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Jason Potts: Blockchain is a fundamental deal changer

Many in the fintech industry believe that blockchain is overhyped, but Jason Potts, who has made it his life’s work to study new technologies, actually believes it is under hyped and that it is a technology that changes the fundamental understanding of business and commercial interaction globally. A month ago, he opened the Blockchain Innovation…

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The Big Little Data Story – Lisa Schutz, CEO of Verifier

Lisa Schutz, CEO of Verifier, has lived the “data dream”, at least as she sees it.    She sold her first data analytics company, InFact Decisions, which focused on the strategic uses of data, regardless of business issue or the industry.   But with Verifier, she has a different mission- to give the consumer more…

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