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Rachel is a science and business journalist from New Zealand, writing and podcasting about technology, banking and climate change. As a foreign correspondent, her career has spanned the Middle East, South Asia and the Horn of Africa. Rachel has interviewed Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, politicians and Egyptian revolutionaries, Middle Eastern billionaires, Australian business leaders and former Philippines President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. She is the Host of Breaking Banks Asia and Co-founder of Soundcraft Media.

Episode 25: Untangling Filipinos’ complicated financial lives 

There’s a story told by the World Bank that in 2009 more people in the Philippines had a mobile phone than a bank account – despite there still being some 450 rural banks alone in the country. Today, that story might be apocryphal and it also doesn’t mean Filipinos don’t have incredibly complex financial lives…

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Episode 24: Who guards bankingland’s walled garden? These guys 

Regtech is the unloved tech cousin of the fintech world. It’s the one which follows the rules and makes sure everyone else does too. But in an industry where not following the rules leads to some of the most spectacular catastrophes in history, it’s no surprise that it’s a sector on the rise — how…

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Episode 23: Will banking as a service trump core banking?

Banks replacing their core banking has been likened to ‘doing brain surgery with a spoon’ and there are plenty of public examples where the surgery partly or completely failed.Is Banking As A Service a new pathway for banks struggling with aging core banking platforms? We speak with Sachin Sharma, chief product and commercial officer at…

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Episode 22: Orwellian dystopia or sci-fi future? Australia grapples with a digital ID 

 A bill to introduce a digital ID is making its way through the Australian Parliament to better protect government-based identities and stem the flow of consumer data from insecure vaults. Bank-based digital identity verifications systems are already operating and international companies are, with government blessings, setting up shop in the country.  But the true question…

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Episode 21: What does 2024 hold for fintech in China? 

2024 is shaping up as the Year of the e-CNY, but can China be trusted with a global reserve CBDC? Our last guest Richard Holden says no. Cashless author Richard Turrin offers a full-throated reply, saying the rise of the digital Yuan is a lack of trust in the US dollar and how the US…

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Episode 18: Standard Chartered CEO Bill Winters on why he loves fintechs

He’s the CEO of one of the world’s biggest banks, but has never been afraid of disrupting the mother ship with digital contenders. In Singapore recently for the fintech festival, we caught up with Standard Chartered CEO Bill Winters for a wide-ranging conversation on why he’s such a fan of fintechs, the bank’s support for…

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Episode 17: You can bank on it: trust and winning customers from incumbent banks

Trust in banks in some markets in the Asia Pacific is at an all time low – so you’d think that would give fintechs and neobanks a red hot chance at stealing main bank customers – think again! In this episode we explore the nuance of trust in digital banking, the relationship between good tech…

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Episode 16: India’s green shadow banking system

India is putting the legal building blocks in place that will create real domestic carbon markets, and it is opening the door for fintechs to begin playing a significant role in fixing the country’s environmental problems. But while the PayUs of India — the country’s largest payments provider — are getting on board by offering…

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Episode 14: How Asia’s Gen Z will change global fintech

There’s no doubt Gen Zs will change fintech as we know it, but the ones likely to have the most influence? Kids today in Asia.  Fintech ideas born in Asia are starting to influence trends around the world. That means the almost 1 billion children and young adults who count as Gen Z, and who were…

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Episode 508: When Does a Fintech Become a Bank

In This Episode When does a fintech become what they set out to disrupt?  In this episode sister pod, Breaking Banks Asia Pacific, asks whether this is good, bad, or something else for competition. The Asian Banker founder Emmanuel Daniel says fintechs struggle to maintain their innovative edge when they get sucked into the bid…

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Episode 13: YOLO: Is the activist mindset hitting banking yet? 

There’s a whole movie coming out about the YOLO investing that really messed up some hedge funds and short sellers in 2021. Could we one day expect a movie (we’d even be ok with a made-for-streaming series) about the same kind of you-only-live-once, grassroots take down of… banking?  Dr Usman Chohan says that attitude is…

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Episode 12: When does a fintech become a bank? 

When does a fintech become what they set out to disrupt? Is it when they start offering bank-like products? Get a banking licence? Is it when they go all-in and buy an actual bank? In this episode we ask whether this is good, bad, or something else for competition. The Asian Banker founder Emmanuel Daniel…

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