Episode 30: How to get people to switch from cash to digital 

Sometimes it takes out of the box thinking to get people to make the move from cash to digital money. 

And if there is one person who has had to think deeply around this issue, it’s Jojo Malolos, currently the CEO of Philippines payment service PayMongo and before that founded digital bank GoTyme.

But so many people start the journey at the easy bit, in the middle: how to get people who already have money to use cards or digital wallets. Jojo starts at the much more difficult extreme, with people who are unbanked because they have no money at all.

We travel through the journey of providing a basic income to people so they have enough money to open a bank account, through to how to encourage people to take the leap from the under-mattress stash to digital money.Produced by Rachel Williamson and Charis Palmer, with sound engineering by Kevin Hirshorn. 

About the Author
Rachel is a science and business journalist from New Zealand, writing and podcasting about technology, banking and climate change. As a foreign correspondent, her career has spanned the Middle East, South Asia and the Horn of Africa. Rachel has interviewed Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, politicians and Egyptian revolutionaries, Middle Eastern billionaires, Australian business leaders and former Philippines President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. She is the Host of Breaking Banks Asia and Co-founder of Soundcraft Media.