Breaking Banks Asia Pacific

Breaking Banks Asia gets the inside look at the incredible innovation and technological changes that are setting the standard for the rest of the world. Led by host Rachel Williamson, we talk to the people across Asia about how their ideas came together, what innovations they are bringing to fintech, and the shifts in customer behavior that are forecasting what will happen in the rest of the world.

Episode 4: Bank venture funds: what the recession-proof money is doing in Australia

With a global recession on the cards, capital-rich bank venture funds are in a powerful position. We explore how they are using that power and whether they are capitalizing on opportunities created by private venture capital drying up — or not.

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Episode 3: Open banking in India and Philippines: opportunity and inclusion

Open banking in India and the Philippines is opening the door for millions of people to take part in the formal banking sector, be it an individual opening a bank account or a small business getting a loan. We explore how new business models are being built in a region of empowered citizens who are…

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Episode 2: Open banking – when will reality catch up with the promise in Australia? 

Open banking in Australia has stalled. It’s been active for two years, and before that had a three year runway to get the ground rules sorted out, but the promised influx of third party players hasn’t yet happened. Some have even left. Furthermore, a series of data hacks this year across the Australian economy is…

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Episode 1: Banking 2.0 retrospective – the more things change the more banks stay the same

We step back in time to 2010, the year Steve Jobs released the iPad, Instagram joined the socials scene and Uber, and with it the gig economy, were being born in New York. It was also the year Brett King released his first book – Bank 2.0 predicting the future for financial services. To set…

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