Episode 8: Can ChatGPT speak bank? 

Description: The promise of conversational AI has so far been a disappointing series of chatbots helping banks reduce cost but doing little to inspire customers or improve the service experience. Can ChatGPT help the sector do better? 
We ask Sandra Ernst, the COO of a Singapore-based insurtech firm already using big data and AI to help deliver their products, co-host and resident AI expert Simon Spencer and, of course, ChatGPT. 

About the Author
Rachel is a science and business journalist from New Zealand, writing and podcasting about technology, banking and climate change. As a foreign correspondent, her career has spanned the Middle East, South Asia and the Horn of Africa. Rachel has interviewed Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, politicians and Egyptian revolutionaries, Middle Eastern billionaires, Australian business leaders and former Philippines President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. She is the Host of Breaking Banks Asia and Co-founder of Soundcraft Media.