Episode 31: When open banking goes global

With Asian markets making the leap into open banking and open finance, there’s new talk of cross-border open banking and open finance. We sat down with opn payments and open banking experts Lauren Jones and Nilixa Devlukia at Money 20/20 Asia to discuss lessons for new markets considering open banking, use cases for cross-border open banking and the rails that need to be in place to truly empower consumers.


Nilixa Devlukia is the Chair of the Open Finance Association and founder of Payments Solved, a regulatory consultancy advising on the regulatory framework for CBDC, crypto assets, open banking, and payment services. She’s a lawyer by training and has worked both on the banking side at Barclays, but also on the regulatory side at the Financial Conduct Authority, and other regulatory bodies.

Lauren Jones is SVP Global Advisory at UK-based open banking and tech company Konsentus. She was formally Head of Standards at Payments UK  where she was responsible for the UK’s standards policy on behalf of banks, government, and the wider industry. So it’s no surprise she’s a self-proclaimed regulation geek

Produced by Charis Palmer, with sound engineering by Kevin Hirshorn.

About the Author
Charis started her career in banking as head of product for Easy Street Financial Services, a fast follower to ING Direct in Australia. She went on to found Banking Review Media, the only publication dedicated to what was then the emerging online banking market. After a career leading new media startups across business, technology and global news, Charis is now the Producer of Breaking Banks Asia and Co-founder of Soundcraft Media.