Breaking Banks Europe

Episode 5: Tales from Giants and Pioneers

There are not many people who can claim a decade of experience in financial services, and saw the rise (and the falls) of what FinTech brought to the world. We will share their stories with you, knowing that being a giant doesn’t mean to have raised huge amounts or a billion dollars exit. This is…

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Episode 4: The FinTech Carbon Footprint

In today’s episode we dive into the evolution of the green finance movement. What does a truly sustainable, green future look like for the banking world and beyond?

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Episode 3: InsurTech

Paolo Sironi hosts Matteo Carbone, Founder and Director of IoT Insurance Observatory, a global insurance think tank, talks the Connected Insurance Report and the main differences between EU and US markets. Then, Spiros Margaris and Matteo Rizzi are joined by Serena Torielli, Co-founder and CEO of Virtual B and Mark Dowds, TROV Inc.

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Episode 2: Corporate Culture and HR/Talent

Chris Colbert and Guido Betz discuss how innovation within financial services might be enabled by technology, but first, it needs the right cultural set up, environment and understanding. Meet the hosts of Breaking Banks Europe: Matteo Rizzi, Paolo Sironi, Meaghan Johnson, Nina Mohanty, Ajit Tripathi, Matthias Kroener, and Spiros Margaris, as they discuss what sets…

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