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Elizabeth Kleinveld is an ecosystem builder linking various parties in the Financial Services value chain from startups and scale-ups to regulators, investors and large corporates. She spent twenty years in the tech and banking sectors in the Netherlands, working first with ABN AMRO and then Holland Fintech before joning Startupbootcamp's Global Fintech Accelerator in 2016. There she’s helped over 150 international startups scale their business from Payments, RegTech, InsurTech, PensionTech, Investing, and Trade Finance companies etc. She is passionate about helping female and minority founders and likes to see solutions that increase financial inclusion, giving the underbanked opportunities that they didn’t have before. Kleinveld is very active in the ecosystem and has hosted a number of panel discussions at various conferences, including Money2020, Fintech South, European Women in Tech, and Financial Services Cybertech Forum. Kleinveld has invested in over 40 startups, is on the Board of the Israeli-Dutch Innovation Center and is a Founding Partner of Great Stuff Ventures. Linkedln: X: Website: Provoke:

Episode 237: Fintech4Good – How Banks Collaborating with Startups can Improve the Lives of Farmers

In the latest episode of Breaking Banks Europe, host Elizabeth Kleinfeld delves into the intersection of fintech and agriculture, focusing on how innovations are transforming the lives of farmers. Joining her are Trevor Sieck from Rabobank’s FoodBytes and Jake Joraanstad, CEO of Bushel. Jake explains how Bushel’s software digitizes the grain supply chain, enabling seamless…

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Episode 230: News From The Fintech Front – Live at Money2020 Europe

Our monthly edition of “News From The FinTech Front” puts the most recognizable thought leaders discussing the latest news for the industry and gives them space to comment, or often explain what exactly happened to our audience. This month, the Simon Taylor and Rita Martins join Elizabeth Kleinveld live at the MoneyPot podcast booth and…

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Episode 229: Fintech4Good: Solutions for Immigrants

In episode 229 of Fintech4Good, titled “Solutions for Immigrants” on Breaking Banks Europe, host Elizabeth Kleinveld welcomes Terver Bendega and Ethien Salinas to discuss their startups addressing challenges faced by immigrants. Bendega, CMO of Arrivall, shares his personal journey as an immigrant and the genesis of Arrivall, a platform offering rental guarantees, personal financing, and…

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Episode 226: Fintech4Good: Affordable Housing Loans for the underbanked in Zimbabwe

This new installment of the Fintech4Good series delved into “Affordable Housing Loans for the Underbanked in Zimbabwe.” Hosted by Elizabeth Kleinveld, the discussion featured Vusa Chimanikire, CEO of Entry, and Tawana Muchatuta from Africa Growth. The conversation began with Entry’s mission to provide loans for affordable housing in Zimbabwe, addressing financial exclusion. They explored Zimbabwe’s…

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Episode 223: News From The Fintech Front (March 2024)

Another month, another “News From the Fintech Front.” In Episode 223, March 2024 unfolds with the latest in fintech, hosted by Elizabeth Kleinveld. Joined by Oana Ifrim, Lead Editor at The Paypers, and David Gyori, CEO of Banking Reports London, the episode delves into the industry’s hottest topics. Discussions center around the transition from cash…

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Episode 214: Ecosystem Zoom-In: The Nigerian Case

Update time! Our Ecosystem Zoom-In series takes us back to the dynamic landscape of the Nigerian Ecosystem, this time hosted by Elizabeth Kleinveld and with guests Babatunde Ogundipe (E-Doc Online) and Uwem Uwemakpan (Launch Africa). Building upon the foundations laid in our December 2020 episode with Lexi Novitske and Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, Kleinveld explores the remarkable…

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Episode 206: MONEY UNDER 20 – Meet the Industry Player!

In the latest NFF of the year, FTS Group’s founder, Francesca Aliverti, orchestrates a discussion with Lex Sokolin and Richard Turrin, unraveling the tumultuous year of 2023 in crypto. From SBF’s guilt in the FTX scandal to historic settlements, including CZ and Binance, and Kraken under SEC scrutiny—the crypto market surged amid unpredictability. Shifting focus,…

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Episode 203: FinTech4Good: Finance for Farmers and a Sustainable Supply Chain

Farm Now, Pay Later! Step into the world of finance with a purpose on another compelling episode of “Fintech4Good.” Host Elizabeth Kleinveld leads the conversation on “Finance for Farmers and a Sustainable Supply Chain” with dynamic guests Diletta Topazio from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and Javier Perez, Co-Founder and COO of WËIA. The…

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Episode 197: Fintech4Good: Microfinance 101

Dive into the world of Microfinance in the newest episode of “Breaking Banks Europe.” Our guest, Beryl Spoor van Andel, Innovation & Financial Product Development Specialist at Oiko Credit, sheds light on the vital role of microfinance in today’s financial landscape. Hosted by Elizabeth Kleinveld, this 30-minute conversation, explores the transformative power of small-scale lending…

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Episode 191 – Fintech4Good: Gender Lens Investing

In our newest “Fintech4Good” episode, Elizabeth Kleinveld and guest Lisa di Sevo dive into the world of gender lens investing in financial services on a captivating podcast episode. Their engaging discussion explores the intersection of finance and social change, highlighting the potential of gender-conscious investment strategies to drive growth and equality. Through our guest’s life…

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Episode 190: News From the FinTech Front (August 2023)

It’s the end of the month and these news are not commenting themselves – hence we called a powerhouse duo – Conny and Don, two of the biggest global thought-leaders and part of the #BBE family. In this episode, we will talk on the venture front with the 1bln GBP Fintech Fund backed by Mastercard,…

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Episode 186: News From The FinTech Front (July)

It’s a wrap up for July – and that means only one thing… it’s News From The FinTech Front time, and what a month! Liz Kleinveld takes the hosting seat, and welcomes industry experts Jeroen de Bel (Fincog) and Angelique Schouten ( Fintech) to discuss a multitude of topics – from hot new features in banking…

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