Episode 226: Fintech4Good: Affordable Housing Loans for the underbanked in Zimbabwe

This new installment of the Fintech4Good series delved into “Affordable Housing Loans for the Underbanked in Zimbabwe.” Hosted by Elizabeth Kleinveld, the discussion featured Vusa Chimanikire, CEO of Entry, and Tawana Muchatuta from Africa Growth. The conversation began with Entry’s mission to provide loans for affordable housing in Zimbabwe, addressing financial exclusion. They explored Zimbabwe’s economic challenges, including high interest rates hindering mortgage access. Entry’s unique assessment process, focusing on psychometric analysis and financial health, was detailed. The discussion expanded to Entry’s plans for expansion and Africa’s fintech growth potential. Resources for further engagement were shared, highlighting Entry’s commitment to rewarding financial responsibility and Africa’s promising prospects in the fintech sector.

Connect with our guests:

Vusa Chimanikire – Co-Founder & CEO of Entry


Tawana Muchatuta – Managing Partner, Africa Growth

About the Author
Elizabeth Kleinveld is an ecosystem builder linking various parties in the Financial Services value chain from startups and scale-ups to regulators, investors and large corporates. She spent twenty years in the tech and banking sectors in the Netherlands, working first with ABN AMRO and then Holland Fintech before joning Startupbootcamp's Global Fintech Accelerator in 2016. There she’s helped over 150 international startups scale their business from Payments, RegTech, InsurTech, PensionTech, Investing, and Trade Finance companies etc. She is passionate about helping female and minority founders and likes to see solutions that increase financial inclusion, giving the underbanked opportunities that they didn’t have before. Kleinveld is very active in the ecosystem and has hosted a number of panel discussions at various conferences, including Money2020, Fintech South, European Women in Tech, and Financial Services Cybertech Forum. Kleinveld has invested in over 40 startups, is on the Board of the Israeli-Dutch Innovation Center and is a Founding Partner of Great Stuff Ventures. Linkedln: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elizabeth-kleinveld-1493ab X: https://twitter.com/EkleinveldSBC Website: www.greatstuffventures.com Provoke: https://provoke.fm/author/elizabeth-kleinveld/