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Roberto Capodieci, a seasoned contributor to the "Breaking Banks Europe" podcast series, brings his unique perspective and expertise to the episodes he hosts. While "Breaking Banks Europe" features a range of prominent voices in the fintech world, Roberto has carved out his niche, particularly with his cherished project, the "ConQuest" series. This series reflects his commitment to educating listeners about the nuances of scams in the fintech sector, emphasizing the importance of awareness and protection against financial fraud. With a career spanning over 15 years in blockchain technology, decentralization, and peer-to-peer networks, Roberto applies his deep understanding to the diverse topics he explores in the podcast. His approachable style and in-depth knowledge make complex subjects accessible and engaging for a broad audience. In each episode, Roberto strives to share insights and practical advice, drawing from his extensive experience and global perspective. His work in various cultures has enriched his understanding of the tech landscape, fueling his enthusiasm for discussing technological advancements and their impact on society and business. Website: Twitter: Linkedln:

Episode 220: News From The FinTech Front (February 2024)

Breaking Banks Europe is back with its “News From The Fintech Front” – February 2024 edition, this time hosted by Roberto Capodieci, and featuring UK-based Marie Walker broadcasting live from Washington and Sanjib Kalita joining from Virginia after a successful Fintech Meetup in Vegas. Walker brings expertise in financial technology and open banking, while Kalita,…

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Episode 216: Disruption Stories – The Challenges of Integrating Cryptocurrency into Traditional Financial Systems

“Don’t Do Your KYC Naked,” this is sage advice from Alexander Bychkov, CEO of Embily, that is interviewed by expert Roberto Capodieici. In this episode, they navigate the smooth integration of cryptocurrency into traditional financial systems. Embily, born from Singaporean company Blockchain International Group, introduces a co-branded VISA card, enabling users to effortlessly convert digital…

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Episode 210: Disruption Stories: Regenerative Finance

In this episode of “Disruption Stories,” host Roberto Capodieci engages in a insightful conversation with Raphaël Haupt, the visionary CEO and founder of Toucan Protocol. Our guest took the lead in exploring (and explaining) the fascinating realm of Regenerative Finance, a discussion that not only delves into innovative financial models, redefining DeFi, but also prompts…

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Episode 207: ConQuest – On Heartbreaks, Extortions and The Evolution of Scamming

In this episode of Breaking Banks Europe’s ConQuest series, host Roberto Capodieci engages in a revealing conversation with DEYO, a Canadian-based scam buster boasting six years of scambaiting experience. From unraveling catfishing schemes to witnessing heartbreaking fake wedding scams and exploring the bizarre world of miraculous inheritance emails, DEYO shares insights into his scambaiting journey….

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Episode 202: Disruption Stories – Empowering Self-Sovereignty in Crypto and Personal Data

In another disruptive narrative at Breaking Banks Europe, our resident expert Roberto Capodieci engages in a captivating conversation with Cypherock’s founder, Rohan Agarwal. Positioned under the motto of “Empowering Self-Sovereignty in Crypto and Personal Data,” we delve into Cypherock’s pivotal role in enhancing the security landscape of cryptocurrency ownership. Agarwal articulates the company’s mission to…

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Episode 201: Identity Week 2023 – A Story on Identity Protection (Italian)

At ‘Identity Week’ in Singapore, Breaking Banks Europe hosted a transformative episode where Roberto Capodieci conducted the show’s first local language interview in Italian with Monokee CEO Roberto Griggio. They explored his story on identity protection and unveiled an UI so simple that even clients didn’t believe it to be real. Connect with Roberto (the…

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Episode 199: ConQuest – Scams & Storytelling

In the latest episode of Breaking Banks Europe, the reins were handed over to Roberto Capodieci, the visionary creator behind the ConQuest series. This week, the spotlight shone on none other than the remarkable Pleasant Green. Known for delving into the lives of internet’s versatile scammers, Pleasant Green shared his unique insights. He told us…

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Episode 198: Disruption Stories – Play to Earn to Learn

Explore the dynamic world of “Play to Learn to Earn” in this captivating episode of Breaking Banks Europe. Our special guest, Tracy Chang, Founder and CEO of Tradelite Solutions and the creative force behind Mogaland, joins resident host Roberto Capodieci to delve into the transformative realm of financial literacy. Discover how Mogaland’s immersive mobile game…

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Episode 195 – ConQuest – Educating The Scammer

In this enlightening episode of ConQuest for Breaking Banks Europe, host Roberto Capodieci engages in conversation with the remarkable content creator ModderPaul about the significance of understanding the scamming party in scamming networks. The discussion delves into the importance of providing literacy, employment, and housing options to individuals often portrayed as villains. It unveils the…

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Episode 192: ConQuest – Scambait Networks

In this episode of ConQuest, host Roberto Capodieci engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Trilogy Media’s Ashton Bingham and Art Kulik about Scambait Networks. We get a glimpse of their inception as a duo, and discuss their fascinating work with institutions and the dynamics of their community in harnessing crowdfunding campaigns to support scam victims,…

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Episode 188: ConQuest – The Psychology of Scammers and Victims

Welcome to ConQuest: the frontline sentinel safeguarding against the deceit of the financial world. Breaking Banks Europe is proud to introduce our new series, where ‘Con’ stands for the conniving con artists we intend to confront, and ‘Quest’ represents the relentless pursuit, investigation, and unmasking of their fraudulent activities. And we’re not alone on this…

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Episode 187: Disruption Stories – eIDAS Meets Third Generation Blockchain

Roberto Capodieci completely unmuted his host mic, and performed a live interview in Vincenza (Italy) with’s President Enrico Talin. The network’s 96 companies consortium seamlessly integrates eIDAS rules via a compliant third-generation blockchain, revolutionizing and legally binding practices across the financial services industries. Their innovation unifies fintech and regtech, offering a harmonious solution that…

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