Episode 188: ConQuest – The Psychology of Scammers and Victims

Welcome to ConQuest: the frontline sentinel safeguarding against the deceit of the financial world. Breaking Banks Europe is proud to introduce our new series, where ‘Con’ stands for the conniving con artists we intend to confront, and ‘Quest’ represents the relentless pursuit, investigation, and unmasking of their fraudulent activities. And we’re not alone on this quest. We’ll be joined by guests who battle these financial fraudsters daily, in their tireless efforts to protect, educate, and entertain. On our first installment, we welcome Kitboga – one of the biggest creators making incredible content, who will join us in understanding what’s being the profile of victims and scammers biggest psychological traits.

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About the Author
Roberto Capodieci is an Italian entrepreneur, university lecturer, and author with a deep passion for technology and decentralization. From a young age, he began exploring the world of programming and impressively sold his first video game at the tender age of 10. His journey into the realm of decentralized systems and peer-to-peer networks began at the time of BitTorrent, and in 2010 he discovered the transformative potential of blockchain technology. Since then, Capodieci has dedicated himself to becoming an expert in this field, eager to leverage his knowledge and experience to make a lasting impact. His last book for free in PDF format https://bcz.bz/vol1 or in printed format at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1734917903 Roberto's links: https://capodieci.link