Episode 220: News From The FinTech Front (February 2024)

Breaking Banks Europe is back with its “News From The Fintech Front” – February 2024 edition, this time hosted by Roberto Capodieci, and featuring UK-based Marie Walker broadcasting live from Washington and Sanjib Kalita joining from Virginia after a successful Fintech Meetup in Vegas. Walker brings expertise in financial technology and open banking, while Kalita, Chairman at Fintech Meetup, offers insights into fintech ecosystems and digital innovation. The discussion delves into 2024 fintech trends, addressing recent challenges like FTX’s troubles and the potential of AI in fintech. They explore the impact of Bitcoin’s soaring value on fintech investment and discuss the rise of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). Walker emphasizes bundling services and process improvements as key investment areas, while Kalita highlights the importance of addressing security risks without adding friction. They conclude optimistically, foreseeing significant advancements and opportunities in fintech’s future. The episode underscores the importance of innovation, collaboration, and staying abreast of fintech developments.

About the Author
Roberto Capodieci, a seasoned contributor to the "Breaking Banks Europe" podcast series, brings his unique perspective and expertise to the episodes he hosts. While "Breaking Banks Europe" features a range of prominent voices in the fintech world, Roberto has carved out his niche, particularly with his cherished project, the "ConQuest" series. This series reflects his commitment to educating listeners about the nuances of scams in the fintech sector, emphasizing the importance of awareness and protection against financial fraud. With a career spanning over 15 years in blockchain technology, decentralization, and peer-to-peer networks, Roberto applies his deep understanding to the diverse topics he explores in the podcast. His approachable style and in-depth knowledge make complex subjects accessible and engaging for a broad audience. In each episode, Roberto strives to share insights and practical advice, drawing from his extensive experience and global perspective. His work in various cultures has enriched his understanding of the tech landscape, fueling his enthusiasm for discussing technological advancements and their impact on society and business. Website: https://capodieci.link/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/capodieci Linkedln: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rc10/