Episode 196: News From the FinTech Front (September 2023)

September is gone, and it’s time for some “News From The FinTech Front” hosted by Don Ginsel into the latest FinTech developments: Apple Wallet UK has introduced the feature to display current account balances; JPMorgan Chase is escalating its competition with Square and PayPal by offering online payroll services; Chase UK has implemented a policy to block cryptocurrency transactions; in the US, the very awaited 1033 Ruling now ensures consumers have easier access to their personal financial information – where are we at?

The episode featured the opinions of guests Jason Mikula, live from Amsterdam, and Mary Wisniewski in Los Angeles, on route to Money2020 US in Las Vegas, where Amy Zirkle, Senior Program Manager at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will be present!

Connect with our guests:

Mary Wisniewski – Editor at Large, Cornerstone Advisors

Mary Wisniewski (@MaryMWisniewski) / X

Jason Mikula – Fintech consultant & Publisher, Fintech Business Weekly

Fintech Business Weekly | Jason Mikula | Substack

About the Author
Don Ginsel is a Civil Engineer and former banker at ABN AMRO and Deutsche Bank. After a brief time in Venture Capital, he became an entrepreneur, working as strategic and financial advisor and coach to various startups and scaleups. At that time he co-founded Capital Waters foundation, to support entrepreneurs with raising investment. In 2014 Don founded Holland Fintech, one of the largest financial innovation ecosystems in Europe, aiming to use the momentum of change in the financial industry, to change it for the better. Don is currently active as executive and board member in several initiatives that are driving forward digital transformation, financial inclusionand spreading knowledge about technology and innovationacross the world.