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Don Ginsel is a Civil Engineer and former banker at ABN AMRO and Deutsche Bank. After a brief time in Venture Capital, he became an entrepreneur, working as strategic and financial advisor and coach to various startups and scaleups. At that time he co-founded Capital Waters foundation, to support entrepreneurs with raising investment. In 2014 Don founded Holland Fintech, one of the largest financial innovation ecosystems in Europe, aiming to use the momentum of change in the financial industry, to change it for the better. Don is currently active as executive and board member in several initiatives that are driving forward digital transformation, financial inclusionand spreading knowledge about technology and innovationacross the world.

Episode 215: Fintech4Good – Carbon Equity 101

In this episode titled “Carbon Equity 101” from the Fintech4Good series on Breaking Banks Europe podcast, host Don Ginsel engages in a compelling discussion with Jacqueline van den Ende, the co-founder and CEO of Carbon Equity. Together, they explore the core principles of carbon equity and its pivotal role in addressing climate change, emphasizing its…

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Episode 204: Ecosystem Zoom-In: The Belgian Case

Embark on a journey through the dynamic landscape of Belgian fintech and beyond with host Don Ginsel on the latest Breaking Banks Europe episode. Joining the conversation are Alessandra Guion, Co-Founder and General Manager of FinTech Belgium, and Quentin Colmant, Co-Founder of Qover—a noteworthy insurtech scale-up that recently secured an impressive $30 million in funding….

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Episode 196: News From the FinTech Front (September 2023)

September is gone, and it’s time for some “News From The FinTech Front” hosted by Don Ginsel into the latest FinTech developments: Apple Wallet UK has introduced the feature to display current account balances; JPMorgan Chase is escalating its competition with Square and PayPal by offering online payroll services; Chase UK has implemented a policy…

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Episode 193 – Amsterdam Fintech Week (XFW) – Take Over

Step into the heart of fintech innovation with our live coverage of Amsterdam’s Fintech Week (XFW)! Join resident host Don Ginsel as he welcomes the brilliant industry thought leader Conny Dorrestijn to lead our captivating interviews with two powerhouses of the week. Jacob Paolo, representing NCC Group, and Paula Kant, the face of Invest Hong…

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Episode 180: Money2020 Europe – Take Over (Part 2)

Breaking Banks Europe newest host Elizabeth Kleinveld had an enlightening discussion with Andrew Stewart, representing Thunes and Ivan Maryasin from Monite on #BBE, diving into the realms of cross-border payments, fintech infrastructure, and customer experience at Money20/20 Thunes Stand. Following it (25:49) an amazing and captivating conversation at exquisite MoneyPot stage to wrap up the…

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Episode 172: Ecosystem Zoom In – The Austrian Case

A schnitzel with a side with industry innovation for the Breaking Banks Europe table, please! The “Ecosystem Zoom-In” series just landed in Austria, and moderated by ecosystem builder himself Don Ginsel, the discussion revolved around the different local initiatives, their regulation, and appetite for collaboration, putting a very specific focus on how female entrepreneurship is…

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Episode 170: MONEY UNDER 20 – “SM” in the new “FS”

Nurter that MONEY-TREE!Taylor Price said it best in a Spring friendly metaphor we encourage you to listen to it – it’s not only poetic but deeply impactful on the way we believe “money does not grow on trees!”Taylor is accompanied by top industry financial literacy content creator Milan Singh. Together they told us everything and…

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Episode 156 – News from The FinTech Front (December Edition)

EXTRA! EXTRA! Your favorite catchup of the biggest news of the month is back, and is hosted by none other than our new resident host Don Ginsel!From guest to guest host, to part of the #BBE family he sets the bar high by providing #FS news commentary in a brilliant contrast between both shores of…

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Episode 146: Personal Finance Management & Green Services

In the past decade, global green financing increased to $540 billion in 2021 from $5.2 billion in 2012 – a huge jump in saving the planet? Definitely! But how can users see the impact of such investment? How can we ensure it? What is “green” and what is just “greenwashing”? Let’s take a deep dive…

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