Meaghan Johnson

Episode 45: FinTech Journeys from all the world – Egypt

New week, new format! “FinTech Journeys Around The World” deep dives in the Egyptian innovation ecosystem, a setting no stranger to the hosts Meaghan Johnson and Matteo Rizzi. The talk offers 3 different perspectives into the conversation: the ecosystem builder, the corporate, and the technology startup. Respectively – Karim SamraI founded Changelabs ( to give…

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Episode 38: BBE Outside In: Australia

Your #BBE host Meaghan Johnson engages in a conversation with the land “down under” with two entrepreneurs, living in Australia, in another installment of BBE’s “Outside In”. The episode follows the discussion with Camilla Cooke, Xinja Bank ( Co-Founder – which counts with over 25 years’ experience in marketing, specializing in digital & data-driven areas…

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Episode 18: Where does the Money Go Series: Funding and Serving SMEs

In our first installment of Breaking Banks EU’s sub-series “Where does the money go?,” Meaghan Johnson interviews Nicholas Sando of Octopus Ventures. Meaghan and Nick discuss early-stage FinTech startups, the start of 2020’s trends toward consolidation, and even the role of operators. Later, Nina Mohanty interviews Natasha Foster, co-founder and COO of Paid to discuss…

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Episode 16: Innovation and Tech Zoom in Series: UX and Customer Experience

Episode 16 is all about that super important, yet under-discussed topic of customer experience. In this episode we feature two leading traditional banks, coming from opposite sides of Europe. We welcome Mahyad Gilani, Product Owner and Innovator at Rabobank in the Netherlands and Giorgi Kapandze, Head of Product and UX at Space Bank in Georgia….

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Episode 13: Data Monetization means Value Generation

Banking monetization of data is not straight forward and requires a mindset change. We discuss it with Andrew Target, Jigsaw XYZ founder and Cristiano Motto, fintech and data science expert.

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Episode 4: The FinTech Carbon Footprint

In today’s episode we dive into the evolution of the green finance movement. What does a truly sustainable, green future look like for the banking world and beyond?

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