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Meaghan has over 8 years experience researching and analysing customer journeys, trends and innovations within the digital financial services space. She also has deep experience in customer testing, the jobs to be done framework, and UI design. She began her journey in digital financial services at Mapa Research, where she worked closely with dozens of financial institutions digital teams including: American Express, Barclays, UBS, Nordea, ING, AIB, RBS and others. Here she informed digital product and strategy teams of competitor mobile and desktop banking initiatives and provided bespoke research and workshops in new product development. After Mapa, she co-founded 11:FS, where she co-build 11:FS Pulse. In addition, she worked closely in the early stages of greenfield digital banking projects where she provided support in market, competitor and customer analysis. Since 2017 Meaghan has been consulting banks of all shapes and sizes, fintechs, company builders, management consultancies and crypto companies as a freelancer in customer experience, design, product strategy and data commercialisation in Europe, Africa, North and Central America. She also creates and executes customer testing programmes, and runs competitor insights and blue sky thinking workshops. Meaghan is also a Partner at Pacemakers, Senior Advisor at EFMA, Fintech Lead at Solvers, and Breaking Banks Europe Podcast Host.

Episode 139: The Travel FinTech Momentum

“Spend on experiences, not things” – Thomas Negrit (FlyWallet) said it the best, and that is why we invited him, together with expert Tania Ziegler (Booking) to join us in discussing what is this new wave of innovation, that is now transversal across all travel industry, from payments, insurance, budgeting trends, local experiences, car rental,…

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Episode 131 – Breaking Payments: The Rise of SMBs in the Digital Economy

This Breaking Payments Take Over it’s all things #SMBs – Meaghan Johnson took the hosting hat, to discuss “The Rise of SMBs in the Digital Economy”, welcoming James Allum (Payoneer) back to the show and Shany Koubi-Malbin (Fiverr) – top marketplace for digital services. We’re talking access to capital, markets and services, customer expectations, and…

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Episode 121: Ecosystem Zoom In: The Bulgarian Case

Ecosystem zoom-in is back, today heading to Bulgaria with 3 exceptional guests who bring their point of view from the Bulgarian startup scene interviewed by Meaghan Johnson.Valentin Savov, Partner of Savov&Partners, Tax&Legal firm in Sofia, focused his speech on the wide opportunities that are in the Bulgarian ecosystem.Hristo Borisov, Co-founder and CEO of Payhawk, brought…

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Episode 118: CX & COVID Impact

Distance, forced switch to online are only some of the ways customer experience changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Meaghan Johnson discussed that with two financial sector experts.– Natasha Kyprianides, fintech expert that supported both incumbent and challenge banks, explained that customer experience is a key to stand out and differentiate in competitive markets, especially…

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Episode 101: News from The FinTech Front (October Edition)

October is a month of anniversaries! Not only for BBE, but also for two guests that joined the show for the first episodes – Conny Dorrestijn and Liz Lumley, beautifully moderated by Meaghan Johnson. All on the recent N26’s valuation; Klarna & Squid Game; Payday loans & lenders, BNPL, ESG washing, and other buzzwords; Klarna’s…

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Episode 87: Ecosystem Zoom In: The Estonian Case

The Breaking Banks Europe podcast is back to the Baltics, this time Estonia is under the magnifying glass of our “Ecosystem Zoom In” and Meaghan Johnson is joined by Risto Rossar (INSLY), Allan Martinson M (Xolo), and Aleksei Kolesnikov (Bolt) to tell us all about the country of exclusive only-founders Slack rooms and of course…

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Episode 82: Journeys From The FinTech World: Canada

One more passport stamp in the BBE world tour, that this week makes another stop in the Canadian nation, set with clear goals to understand exactly how has the ecosystem been adapting to the digital leapfrog of the current crisis, but also exactly when did the biggest movements took place. Find out what makes the…

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Episode 77: Ecosystem Zoom In – The Lithuanian Case

3 million people, and around 250 fintechs. This is what it took to put Lithuania in 4th place in the GLOBAL FinTech Index in 2020. The population is truly devoted to “Building the Lithuanian dream” and the results are visible. Meaghan Johnson agreed and hosted this vibrant episode with 3 stakeholders creating impact themselves: Zygimantas…

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Episode 58: News From The FinTech Front (December – 2020 Highlights!)

This week, thought leadership is the key factor throughout the show – Efi Pylarinou and Kevin Johnson are hosted by Meaghan Johnson to not only discuss the “News from The FinTech Front” of December, but a sum-up of the uniqueness of 2020. Bitcon, DeFi, Wirecard, BNPL, Robinhood, Starling Bank, Citizens Bank of Edmond, Jill Castilla,…

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Episode 53: PensionTech, the dusty dinosaur starts running fast

Today Breaking Banks Europe is all about “Open Pensions and Open Finance”, specifically on the problematics of consolidating pensions using technology to resolve the pension problem for a lot of consumers – and we lean towards a recently released report by Plaid and Pensionbee (see link below), to open this conversation (and hence taking a…

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Episode 45: FinTech Journeys from all the world – Egypt

New week, new format! “FinTech Journeys Around The World” deep dives in the Egyptian innovation ecosystem, a setting no stranger to the hosts Meaghan Johnson and Matteo Rizzi. The talk offers 3 different perspectives into the conversation: the ecosystem builder, the corporate, and the technology startup. Respectively – Karim SamraI founded Changelabs ( to give…

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Episode 38: BBE Outside In: Australia

Your #BBE host Meaghan Johnson engages in a conversation with the land “down under” with two entrepreneurs, living in Australia, in another installment of BBE’s “Outside In”. The episode follows the discussion with Camilla Cooke, Xinja Bank ( Co-Founder – which counts with over 25 years’ experience in marketing, specializing in digital & data-driven areas…

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