Episode 118: CX & COVID Impact

Distance, forced switch to online are only some of the ways customer experience changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Meaghan Johnson discussed that with two financial sector experts.
– Natasha Kyprianides, fintech expert that supported both incumbent and challenge banks, explained that customer experience is a key to stand out and differentiate in competitive markets, especially thanks to fintech and challenger banks that raised customers’ expectations in digital customer experience.
– Catherine Richards, Head of Customer Design at Tesco Bank, exposed her experience, which is wider than the one in a typical bank because of the Tesco ecosystem that requires an integration effort but creates opportunities to integrate financial services in Tesco customers’ experience.

Get in contact with the guests:
– Natasha Kyprianides linkedin.com/in/natashakyprianides/
– Catherine Richards linkedin.com/in/catherine-richards
– Meaghan Johnson (host) linkedin.com/in/meaghan-johnson

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About the Author
Meaghan has over 8 years experience researching and analysing customer journeys, trends and innovations within the digital financial services space. She also has deep experience in customer testing, the jobs to be done framework, and UI design. She began her journey in digital financial services at Mapa Research, where she worked closely with dozens of financial institutions digital teams including: American Express, Barclays, UBS, Nordea, ING, AIB, RBS and others. Here she informed digital product and strategy teams of competitor mobile and desktop banking initiatives and provided bespoke research and workshops in new product development. After Mapa, she co-founded 11:FS, where she co-build 11:FS Pulse. In addition, she worked closely in the early stages of greenfield digital banking projects where she provided support in market, competitor and customer analysis. Since 2017 Meaghan has been consulting banks of all shapes and sizes, fintechs, company builders, management consultancies and crypto companies as a freelancer in customer experience, design, product strategy and data commercialisation in Europe, Africa, North and Central America. She also creates and executes customer testing programmes, and runs competitor insights and blue sky thinking workshops. Meaghan is also a Partner at Pacemakers, Senior Advisor at EFMA, Fintech Lead at Solvers, and Breaking Banks Europe Podcast Host.