JP Nicols

Episode 345: Mega Trendlines & Braving Regulation in Finserv

In this episode of Breaking Banks, host JP Nicols is joined by Dara Tarkowski Attorney and Managing Director of Actuate Law; as well as, the host of the Tech on Reg podcast on Media. They discuss the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s launch of the pilot advisory opinion (AO) program and challenge banks to take…

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Episode 337: Winners and Losers in a Post-Pandemic World

The impact of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus has been both global and catastrophic, as both a public health crisis and as a worldwide economic crisis. Dealing with the health risks will continue for a while, but what’s likely to last even longer are the economic effects, and those always have a big impact on the…

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Life Before and After Social Distancing

BREAKING BANKS – EPISODE 330: Life Before and After Social Distancing For the first half of this episode, we travel back to a simpler time before the mass disruption of normality from the COVID-19 pandemic– just 4 weeks ago. Greg Palmer spoke with JP Nicols in late February about the tech-driven advancements he is seeing…

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Challenges and Opportunities in the New Decade

This week JP Nicols kicks off 2020 with a look back at a couple of our favorite segments from 2019 that are highly relevant as we wrap up the holiday season and start a whole new decade. First, we revisit our conversation with Jennifer Tescher, CEO of the Financial Health Network on their research and…

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Is The Fad Over?

PODCAST #310 Is The Fad Over? (Airs 10/24 @ 3PM ET) Frequent contributor Ron Shevlin recently wrote in Forbes that ‘The Fad is Over for Bank/Fintech Partnerships.’ Hosts JP Nicols and Jason Henrichs take a deeper look into why that is, what needs to be done, and what the future might look like. Then Adwait…

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Solving America’s Retirement Problem

PODCAST #300 – Solving America’s Retirement Problem (Aired 8/8) Solving America`s Retirement ProblemPenny Crosman, Editor at Large for American Banker notes that while there are plenty of companies happy to help consumers who already have a sizable nest egg, relatively few are focused on those who’ve fallen short on saving for retirement. The void has…

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