JP Nicols

Life Before and After Social Distancing

BREAKING BANKS – EPISODE 330: Life Before and After Social Distancing For the first half of this episode, we travel back to a simpler time before the mass disruption of normality from the COVID-19 pandemic– just 4 weeks ago. Greg Palmer spoke with JP Nicols in late February about the tech-driven advancements he is seeing…

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Challenges and Opportunities in the New Decade

This week JP Nicols kicks off 2020 with a look back at a couple of our favorite segments from 2019 that are highly relevant as we wrap up the holiday season and start a whole new decade. First, we revisit our conversation with Jennifer Tescher, CEO of the Financial Health Network on their research and…

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Is The Fad Over?

PODCAST #310 Is The Fad Over? (Airs 10/24 @ 3PM ET) Frequent contributor Ron Shevlin recently wrote in Forbes that ‘The Fad is Over for Bank/Fintech Partnerships.’ Hosts JP Nicols and Jason Henrichs take a deeper look into why that is, what needs to be done, and what the future might look like. Then Adwait…

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Solving America’s Retirement Problem

PODCAST #300 – Solving America’s Retirement Problem (Aired 8/8) Solving America`s Retirement ProblemPenny Crosman, Editor at Large for American Banker notes that while there are plenty of companies happy to help consumers who already have a sizable nest egg, relatively few are focused on those who’ve fallen short on saving for retirement. The void has…

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