Episode 354: Talents and Rebels

In This Episode

This week hosts JP Nicols and Jason Henrichs are taking on the topic of culture. How can financial institutions foster a culture of innovation and bring about the necessary changes needed as we head into 2021? It begins with embracing the risk-takers and rebel talent that seek to disrupt the notion of businesses as usual within your organization. JP Nicols speaks to Matteo Rizzi about his book Talent and Rebels: Dealing with Corporate Misfits. JP and Matteo highlight the struggles that large corporations face when finding a balance between tradition and originality. Then stay tuned, host Jason Henrichs and Mary Lemmer Creator of Improve, explore how interconnecting the worlds of trust, culture, and improv can be used to develop positive internal team building. Mary shares her advice on how to look beyond the boundaries of regulation in order to welcome innovation and improve creativity and culture.

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