Episode 435: Secret Sauce for Deeper Relationships & What’s So Nifty About NFTs

The key to deep relationships and customer success? Host JP Nicols and Joe Welu, CEO and Founder, Total Expert have an insightful conversation. CRM and the process are often misunderstood but done properly can lead to an incredible customer journey and deep relationships that help customers, while also enabling you to cross-sell the right offerings to give customers what they need — offering the right products at the right time. Cross-selling can be an ugly word, but banking and lending platforms working together to better understand the customer, and vision into the information, can deliver the perfect customer journey and a lifelong relationship enabling customers to accomplish goals, meet needs and important life milestones. Human first, not product first. Improve communication and engagement. Data to insights to action leads to outcomes.

In our second segment we look at NFTs. Non-fungible tokens are presently all the rage, they were a hot topic at SXSW. Is this newest blockchain application the future of collection and distribution of digital assets or just more hype? Blockchain professor, Lamont Black, of DePaul University joins Breaking Banks’ sister podcast Tech on Reg host Dara Tarkowski to discuss just that. What is an NFT? What do you actually own? How will the regulators treat this new asset? Commodity? Security? Substituted value? It depends.

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