Episode 474: Ringing Out 2022: What did we get right? What did we miss?

For the last show of 2022 we end the year by looking back at how we started it. Brett, Jason, and JP made some 2022 predictions, listen to find out just how clear their crystal balls were.

Spoiler alert: None predicted the crash in crypto prices or bankruptcy filings by some of the biggest platform players, global price spikes, or Twitter being taken private by Elon Musk, but we did get a few things right.

The hosts all agreed on the need for financial institutions to better vet and manage fintech partnerships and the need to have a viable strategy beyond traditional M&A.

Jason saw fintech valuations coming back to earth, a slow down of the fintech funding frenzy, and some early cracks in the foundations of interchange. Brett was looking forward to advances in AI, AR and VR. All were cautiously optimistic on the sufficiency and efficacy of the technical and compliance infrastructure to support the global growth of crypto and defi.

Join us next week for a forecast megamix for 2023 and a celebration…2023 marks 10 years of Breaking Banks!