Jason Henrichs

Network Learning

PODCAST #313 – Network Learning (Aired 11/14) Jason Henrichs hosts Dara Tarkowski, Breaking Banks contributor and host of the new Tech on Reg podcast, about the need for a new breed of innovation lawyer. Then, JP Nicols is joined by Greg Palmer, host of the new Finovate podcast, to talk about what fintech startups can…

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Introducing: Finovate Podcast

PODCAST #304 Introducing: Finovate Podcast (Aired 09/12) Host Jason Henrichs​ and co-host Dara Tarkowski discuss the rise of #podcasting in the #fintech community. Brian Solis​, joins to share insights from his new book #LifeScale: How To Live a More Creative, Productive, and Happy Life. In the second half, Finovate Conference Series​’ Greg Palmer​ gives us…

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