Episode 426: Meet CHUCK

Everyone is talking about CHUCK. But who or what is CHUCK? CHUCK is none other than the newest payment method collaboratively developed by a consortium of community banks, for community banks, mid-sized institutions and credit unions, yes, credit unions!

Listen as Amber Buker speaks with DJ Seeterlin, CIO, Chesapeake Bank and Julie Thurlow, CEO, Reading Cooperative Bank, two stakeholders who had a hand in creating CHUCK, and Ron Shevlin, Chief Research Officer, Cornerstone Advisors, as they introduce CHUCK to the banking market.

Community banks want a more active role in P2P, CHUCK will allow just that! P2P is the first use case, other solutions planned, and CHUCK comes with a light lift and economic feasibility for adoptive banks. It’s not a winner take all situation with other payment networks. Customers benefit from more choice and bank reach will help to cover the digital divide. Use CHUCK through your trusted bank app and connect to a variety of disparate payment systems — no need to worry about shadow balances. fintech wallets or payment rails. Get your bank back into the payment ecosystem and help customers get a clearer understanding of money in accounts and apps. Nice to meet you CHUCK! 

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