Episode 432: From Fine Wine & Fintech to Solo Cups & Solo GPs

In This Episode

Just as red wine is said to be good for the heart, this episode is good for the industry. With a glass of fine red wine, host Jason Henrichs raps with Lindsay Davis, Forbes Contributor and Head of Markets, Atomic about where the fintech industry is, among other things. Money and investment continue despite the various challenges of working in a hybrid world. All validation of the fintech space and this industry near to our heart. If it takes money to change money, you need only look to JPMC which has increased fintech investment from $1B to $7B in just a few years…it has its own blockchain, a virtual branch, continues to add branches and is looking at the metaverse. Business models are changing, as is Jason’s drinking vessel to a red solo cup. Solo GPs (General Partner) are on the rise, what does that mean? Spray and pray, will there be a flurry of funding and innovation?

The thirst-quenching episode ends with a view of the future and discussion on untapped markets, you’ll need to listen to hear what’s been identified. You’ll find Jason at SXSW, grab him for a beverage and look at your digital roadmap 7 to 10 years out, bring sneakers and a water bottle!

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