Episode 445: Fuel-ing Finance from the Ukraine & Fueling Faster Payments

In This Episode

In today’s compelling episode host Jason Henrichs speaks with Alyona Mysko, CEO and Founder of Fuel, a Ukrainian company. Fuel, a cloud-based financial department, helps startups by acting as their finance function, navigating what can be tough waters, so CEOs and CFOs can focus and make smart business decisions and projections. Figuring a scalable business model is hard enough – now imagine being a fintech company figuring the business for scaling Saas and ecommerce startups while in an actual – not metaphorical – warzone, with the attendant real worries of keeping team members and family safe.

Then, what do faster payments mean for the future of fintech? Greg Palmer, host of sister podcast Finovate, speaks with Dwolla’s CEO, Brady Harris about open banking, innovations and developments in payments, quicker access to funds, and A2A. How we move money continues to evolve.

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