Jason Henrichs

Live! From Sundance

Sundance is known for its film festival, but over the last decade it has also become fintech famous with an intimate conference hosted by MX. Host Jason Henrichs talks with innovators live from the Sundance Screening room! This week listen to his conversations with Doug Nielson, SVP, Innovation Research and Development at US Bank about…

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Merger Madness

Jason Henrichs and Brett King host Steve Allocca of Lending Club & Mike Butler of Radius Bank to talk through the major elements that have been changing the landscape of fintech and the mergers happening today! Then, Dara Tarkowski of Actuate Law and host of Tech on Reg explains the regulatory effects of merger madness!

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Hottest Trends & Technologies in Banking

JP Nicols, Jason Henrichs, and Ron Shevlin dive into the five hottest technologies in banking and the trends that leaders in the financial industry will have to navigate.

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(Financially) Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise

Jason Henrichs and Jane Barratt host Warren Hogarth of Empower and Brian Martucci of Money Crashers. They talk about all things financial health!

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Network Learning

PODCAST #313 – Network Learning (Aired 11/14) Jason Henrichs hosts Dara Tarkowski, Breaking Banks contributor and host of the new Tech on Reg podcast, about the need for a new breed of innovation lawyer. Then, JP Nicols is joined by Greg Palmer, host of the new Finovate podcast, to talk about what fintech startups can…

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Introducing: Finovate Podcast

PODCAST #304 Introducing: Finovate Podcast (Aired 09/12) Host Jason Henrichs​ and co-host Dara Tarkowski discuss the rise of #podcasting in the #fintech community. Brian Solis​, joins to share insights from his new book #LifeScale: How To Live a More Creative, Productive, and Happy Life. In the second half, Finovate Conference Series​’ Greg Palmer​ gives us…

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