Episode 471: Can You Hear Me Now? Regulators Speak Up

Regulatory scrutiny as it relates to banks and fintech partners is starting to get hot as regulators get more vocal. This week on Breaking Banks, Jason Henrichs covers this and more with his guests Kirsten Muetzel, Chief Risk Officer, Fundid; Keith Evans, VP, VMO, First Northern Bank; and Clayton Mitchell,  Principal, Crowe LLP.  Listen as they discuss the regulatory complexity of creating fintech partnerships, vendors as partners and the value of these partnerships as financial institutions work their way down the Yellow Brick Road.

Then, Dara Tarkowski, host of Provoke.fm‘s Tech on Reg speaks with Resolver’s  Amanda Cohen, Director of Products about Reg-Tech and risk management. Resolver is changing the landscape of risk management by analyzing risk data in context to use risk as strategy in business development. By leveraging this type of tech, modern businesses are now able to keep a pulse on the regulatory market and transform into risk-intelligent entities.