Episode 504: What’s Up With VC Investments       

In This Episode

Rising interest rates caught many by surprise. We saw some banks fail, Fintech venture funding dropped 50% year over year. IPOs were pulled. M&A for banks and fintechs are in limbo.

Many say this is nothing short of an innovation nuclear winter unlike anything we’ve seen before. For others, this state of the world seemed vaguely familiar before a decade plus of Zero Interest Rate Policies. Except, it isn’t just a reversion to the mean. There are many structural differences from 2008 and 2000 before that. It feels familiar, but are we really entering the Twilight Zone of Fintech? Is it a dystopian future or will there be an unexpected twist?

Listen as Jason Henrichs hosts another HOT (yes, we added some spice!) episode with Rahul Baig, Managing Director, Head of Venture Capital Coverage at Wells Fargo, Sarah Hinkfuss, Partner at Bain Capital Ventures, and Amias Gerety, Partner at QED investors. There was plenty of hot sauce to go with the Hot Takes and debates. Amias even shares his secret recipe for the homemade sauce he was sipping.