David Reiling

Episode 400: Building the Next Generation of Banker

When Breaking Banks first aired in May of 2013 the world of fintech was much simpler. PayPal was well established in the payments space with some upstarts like Braintree and Venmo gaining traction. The rest of the fintech world was divided by lenders like Prosper and Lending Club and both pioneer neobanks Simple and Perkstreet…

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Jason Henrichs: Moving at the Speed of Fintech

Jason Henrichs is a veteran in the fintech space. He’s the founder of Fintech Forge and a co-founder of Alloy Labs, along with being a host on Breaking Banks, the #1 global fintech radio show and podcast. Jason talks with David about the importance of adaptability in an ever-changing fintech environment as well as what…

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Dr. Tia Kansara: Rethinking Corporate Success with an Eye Towards Sustainability

Dr. Tia Kansara is an award-winning entrepreneur, lecturer and author. She’s also the CEO of Replenish Earth, an organization that helps governments, businesses and individuals become more environmentally sustainable. Dr. Kansara talks with David about mindfulness, the ability to adapt in a post-pandemic world and how changing our definition of “success” can pave the way…

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Jo Ann Barefoot: Maintaining an Adventurous Spirit in Financial Regulation

Jo Ann Barefoot is the CEO & Cofounder of Alliance for Innovative Regulation, a podcast host and a former deputy comptroller of the currency. Jo Ann chats with David about the age-old dilemma faced in finance: how to reconcile the speed of tech with the bureaucratic nature of regulation. The biggest point Jo Ann wants bankers to…

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Apple Crider: Demystifying Personal Finance

Apple Crider is an entrepreneur, podcast host and Youtuber focused on personal finance. His content aims to demystify the financial world for his viewers, especially young people. Listen as Apple talks with David about entrepreneurship, what the younger generation thinks about brick-and-mortar banks and how to narrow your focus to become more efficient.

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Announcing NextGen Banker

Welcome to NextGen Banker, where we explore what’s next in banking and talk with the innovators responsible for creating positive change in the financial sector. Banking today is moving at an exponential speed — today’s banker must be innovative, adaptable and values driven. Listen as we talk to the changemakers leading the way to a…

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