Episode 496: Leaders and Leadership

In This Episode

With 80% of Americans never defaulting on a loan but less than half having a prime credit score, today we spotlight an episode of sister podcast and NextGen Banker host David Reiling’s conversation with accidental banker and Leaders in Lending host, Jeff Keltner, also SVP Business Development at Upstart as they talk about using AI or predictive algorithms to improve access to affordable credit with less risk to banks, and how this technology uses larger sets of data to help understand the real risk. Tech doing its magic and continuing to make an impact.

Then we turn to another¬†Provoke.fm¬†podcast and Finovate host Greg Palmer’s conversation with Jacqueline Baker, author, podcast host and leadership consultant, about her recent book, The Unexpected Leader: Discovering the Leader Within You. To lead it’s imperative to see yourself as a leader right out of the gate. There are of course always headwinds, but everyone can be a leader, and with four levels of leadership there are many opportunities. Interestingly many of the best leaders are those that have leadership thrust upon them. You may be our next great leader! Enjoy the episode!