Episode 502: Better Tomorrow & Biometric Signatures

In This Episode

Welcome to this week’s episode of Breaking Banks where we feature pieces from cohosts and Provoke.fm sister podcasts NextGen Banker and Tech on Reg.

First, David Reiling, host of NextGen Banker, interviews Sheel Mohnot cofounder of Better Tomorrow Ventures, discussing Sheel’s first foray into the fintech world with a non-profit and why he’s dedicated his career to making the consumer experience better. Spoiler alert, they also talk about his recent viral wedding in the Taco Bell metaverse.

Then we shift to Biometric Signatures: The Digital Dotted Line, and Dara Tarkowski’s conversation with Matthew Gibson Co-Founder of Syngrafii. From virtual signing rooms to remote pens and more, they cover the digitization and compliance of signatures and the changed landscape of biometric signature capabilities.